I cannot believe mid-terms are almost here. I’m not worried, I’m doing well in my classes.
I think Elena is trying to get some more teeth in. It’s making her a crabby girl and she doesn’t like to eat dinner. : (
So, it takes 1-1/2 hours to get to school in the morning. It’s ridiculous. It should only take 30 minutes… but I have to take Jamin to his job and then take Elena to daycare. That is a lot of wasted time in which I could be doing some extra sleeping.
There’s not a lot to report. There’s not a lot of time for fun stuff, except on the weekends. We usually go to the park which Elena loves. She’s even gone down the humongous tube slide by herself. I think she would enjoy it more if she didn’t get shocked.
This weekend is family fun weekend at school. So if any of my family wants to go to classes with me Friday, feel free. lol. And there’s a horse show on campus, but that’s pretty much been every weekend. It would only be important if I were in it.. j/k. I don’t know if I’ll be showing this semester or not. I’m still working on the basics of dressage. It requires a lot of coordination of using your hands and legs and balancing yourself all at the same time. As much as I’m using a muscle group known as abs which I haven’t used in a very long time, they had better start toning up. Just saying…
Jamin is working at the airport right now as a lineman. Refueling planes and parking them and stuff. He has a nice peeling sunburn on his face because the first week of training he was outside all day and it was very sunny.
Ok, well that’s all for now.