Hello out there

Here I am again, attempting to get back in the blogging habit.
I have decided to quit Facebook. It is such a time-sucker. I am on there way too much. I do want to stay connected with people, especially since we no longer live anywhere near our family. Which is why I will be on here keeping you all updated on life.
I feel like I’m rambling… I’m really tired right now. We got groceries this morning. Then, right when we got home I started getting meals prepped for the week. I have smoothies and breakfast cookies in the freezer and chicken marinating. Plus, somehow I got behind in laundry again… So, I would like to do another load before I go to bed. I’m sure Vera will wake up to eat again before I go to sleep.
Tomorrow I have a babysitter-in-training coming over 🙂
Now, I leave you with a picture of Vera. 🙂

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