Happy (belated) Resurrection Day!

Two little girls have been keeping me busy! Once they are in bed (finally!) I can actually get stuff done. That hasn’t included a blog post, though.
Tonight, however, I can’t sleep. So… Yay?
Sunday, after church, we went to the park and I took pictures of the girls. Have to have pictures of them dressed up for Easter. Elena hunted Easter eggs in our living room when we got home. She was so excited! She was with me when I bought the eggs, so she asked me all week if she could have them. We never got around to dyeing eggs 😦 I think we’ll still do that this week, though.
Vera is eating more “big people” food. She isn’t super coordinated about getting it into her mouth. Most of the food ends up in her chair. Today she had some chicken, rice and green beans.
Elena spends most of the day drawing princesses.
Nothing else new to report. I leave you with pictures 🙂

4 thoughts on “Happy (belated) Resurrection Day!

  1. Okay, so I misspoke about seeing Elena's drawing. I was obviously thinking about another picture. Why does Grammy have white hair? I am glad that she included us girls in her picture. Very nice Easter pics! I think the “princess” was more interested in this session to have her picture taken in her poofy dress!


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