Happy Anniversary to Us

Today is our 6 year anniversary!
We went on a family date to Edmonds Waterfront Festival. And we are going to have a movie date at home after the girls go to bed.
I forgot to take a picture of our “garden”. The broccoli started out growing quickly. I think I need to thin it out to get it to keep growing. My spinach is “going to seed”. Or so I’ve been reading. I haven’t even harvested any leaves 😦 At least I can try again in the fall. I think I just waited too long to plant this spring.
Vera is 10 months old. She just got her bottom teeth in almost two weeks ago. We’ve been working on getting her to sign/say “more”. She has done the sign (kind of) two times. She is learning to say the word quicker.
And now for the pictures 🙂