Today my first ebay auction ended. I made a whopping 99 cents. haha.
I sold an old polaroid camera. I actually thought I would get a few more dollars, because there was another one (same exact camera) selling for $13.
Well, whatever I did wrong, hopefully my next auctions will go better.

Earlier this summer I had thoughts of selling old baby clothes at some consignment stores. However, the stores I went to only give you store credit. Which I am sure I would have used… But, I would much rather have a larger customer base, potentially better selling prices and I get cash.
So, that is my goal. Sometime in the next week I am going to start auctioning off clothing. I have totes and totes and totes of clothes. Some will be saved for Vera, but there is plenty left over that someone else will put to better use.

Thankfully the internet is teaching me to be a better ebay-er. There are lots of moms doing the same thing I am and are good enough to blog about their experiences. 🙂

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