Pinterest Inspired Fall Style [#1]

My closet is in desperate need of updating.
I’ve bought clothes in the past few years. But not outfits. Which leaves me with a mish mash of too many clothes that don’t all “go” together. Or so I think…

Another blogger came up with the idea to take an article of clothing, do a pinterest search for said clothing article + outfit, and use the results to put together an outfit. She was able to use clothes she already had. I am planning on doing the same with my closet full of “nothing to wear”.

The first outfit I bought everything from Goodwill on Saturday. So, I’m cheating a little bit. The idea came from my style board on pinterest.
I am very happy about finding the boots. They were never worn (or at least never worn on hard surfaces. But I’m pretty sure they were never worn). And they were made of real leather. And in my size. Try finding that, any ‘ol day of the week at Goodwill. You can’t.

Now that I have a boot purchase out of the way, hopefully I will not have to buy anything else.

Sorry for the mirror shot. I’ll try to get Jamin to photograph me next time.
What I’m wearing: Sweater: frenchi, dress: XXI, boots: Bandolino

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