Blueberry Gummy Treats

I’ve been wanting to try making gummis for a while and today we finally did. I used this recipe.
I’m going to try a different one next time, though. I didn’t think it tasted very flavorful. Also, I only used 4 packets of gelatin (because that’s all I had). So, it wasn’t as gummy as it should have been.
Elena and Vera like them. That is what matters 🙂

2c blueberries
Juice of one grapefruit
Juice of one orange
4 pkts of gelatin (should’ve been 5)
1 T honey

Elena juiced the fruit. I had to help get all the juice squeezed.

I cooked the blueberries and juice. Then we pureed them in the blender.
Not such a great pic of Elena adding the honey. 🙂

Mixing in the gelatin.

I sprayed the molds with cooking spray, and I’m really glad I did. 

Finished product.