October decluttering challenges.

I’ve been working on getting rid of things we don’t need so I was excited to see that two blogs I follow are doing cluttering challenges this month. And since I’m an overachiever I’m doing both. :p Okay, not really an overachiever, if you really know me… just ambitious.

Living Well Spending Less. A Bowl Full of Lemons

 The past two days’ goals have been; clean out the pantry, purge magazines and declutter the entry.
Today is dresser drawers and mail. I just went through Vera’s clothes Wednesday so that is done. I’ll be going through my clothes and Jamin is going to get rid of some t-shirts (yay).
The fun part will be sorting the girl’s clothes between goodwill and consignment. Vera has enough clothes right now to wear.a different outfit each day of the month! I’m pretty sure clothes multiply while in storage.
It’s amazing how stuff can pile up. We have so many things we don’t need. It makes it hard to enjoy the things you actually care about when you can’t get around the clutter. For instance, yesterday I was able to sew (for the first time in months!) a dress up dress for Elena. All because I finally cleaned my bedroom, so I had a place to work.
Time to go. Cleaning and schoolwork and life needs to be done.