The Great Purge

In an effort to make our lives easier. Especially those of us doing the cleaning… (ahem) I’ve made a goal to get rid of everything we own.

 Just kidding. I do think we have enough to get rid of half and not be close to being minimalist. So, I’m systematically going through all our belongings. Anything we aren’t using gets re-homed.

My first task is kids clothes. I’ve gotten rid of two bags, so far. There is a group called, Buy Nothing. You post things you want or want to get rid of. No money changes hands, no trading. The rules of the group are; give/take freely. It’s great!

I’m about to show you a really scary photo of my current progress. I hope to follow up soon with a photo showing my beautifully organized bedroom 😉

What you are seeing, is the tail end of the kids’ clothing purge and the beginning of the closet purge. It’s not pretty, but it’s only temporary. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself.

Okay, break time over. I need to feed us lunch and get back to work!

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