What we’ve been up to

This past month (!) we were in Missouri/Iowa visiting family. We had lots of fun, but, I’ve really been looking forward to getting back to my routines. Traveling also reinforces my quest of minimalism. There are many things we have that we can live without. I’m fine with keeping things around that have special meaning. Sometimes I keep things, though, that I feel guilty getting rid of. It isn’t really anything I like or that holds special value for myself. It’s just something that may have been gifted to me and I worry too much about upsetting someone. If you are like that, I promise you, the person who gave you the gift probably has forgotten.

When we got back from our travels, my mom watched Elena and Vera so I could get some cleaning done. We took six bags of clothes and misc. items to Goodwill. It’s so nice to have that out of the house. There are many more bags that will be filled soon. I can’t wait! haha.

Speaking of travels… here are a few photos of the past month.

My brave Vera climbing up to a slide

My lovely friend, Melissa, took the kids’ pictures. They turned out so well!

Joshua 🙂
We stayed a night at the Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City.

I have more pictures to upload, those were just from my phone. 🙂

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