Kids’ Room Update

 It has been a busy week! I actually got this done at the beginning of last week. Their room is much easier to keep picked up now that there is a spot for everything. We got rid of 2 large garbage bags full of stuffed animals and two paper bags of other random toys. Right now they have barbies, princesses and my little pony toys under Elena’s bed. There are two more boxes of toys in the closet to rotate.

I’m making the girls do a 5-minute pickup before bed. To motivate them… I use a timer and say whatever is left on the floor goes in a bag for the week. These pictures were taken this morning, so you can see we’ve been keeping it clean for at least a week. 😉
I think I will go through their books next. We have quite a few board books and some books that are torn up. I also want to add string lights under Elena’s bed. We have yet to buy some, though.

Room to play
Dress up and baby dolls

Kitchen play

Under Elena’s bed. Toys, books and doll houses.

Vera’s bed and stuffed animals

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