Book It!

A while back I registered for this program that Pizza Hut does, “Book It!” Each month that your student reaches their reading goals you can give them a coupon for a free personal pan pizza.
I just got our coupons and material yesterday! I had forgotten all about it, so I was pretty excited to see it in the mail box. 😀

Included is; six coupons, and instructions on how to receive two free kindle books. There is also a link for certain kindle books you can purchase for 50% off (up to ten).

You can pick any reading goal you like for each student. For Elena I’ve set it at 8 books each month. On your first visit to Pizza Hut you will receive a “Passport to Reading”. If you collect all six stickers you will be entered into a drawing for a 100-book library and a Kindle Voyage e-reader.

Registration is still open, so if you are a teacher go here. The program starts October 1st!

This girl, is ready for some reading!

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