Mount Baker Snoqualmie National Park

Friday we took a little road trip up to Mount Baker Snoqualmie National Park. It was cloudy when we started, the sun tried to peek out, but by time we got to the park it was still cloudy. The further up the mountain we went the more cold and rainy it was. I really wish the day had been nicer, (if only we had waited one day…) but it was still a pretty area.
We probably stayed about 10 minutes 😦 I wish we could have gone on some trails, but it was just too cold. Hopefully next year we will have a more reliable car and can make the trip again, I would definitely like to go back in nicer weather.

A view from the drive up. Ruth was really freaked out by having a drop off to the right of us!


Awww. Sissies 🙂


Picture Lake


Little boy, snuggled up





Vera did not want pictures. She was too cold. Poor thing 😦


Elena trying not to smile


Pretty colors!




A good image of the cold and rain…

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