31 Weeks

Yesterday marked 31 weeks for me and baby! 🙂
I had an appointment with my midwife. We talked about where I will be having this baby. The closer I get to d-day, the more I am leaning towards birthing at home. It’s just all around more comfortable and easier.
My only concern was what the plan would be if I hemorrhage again. We decided we would do active management of labor. I would be doing this regardless of where I deliver. My midwife also reassured me that everything they have available at the birthing center (medication, etc) they will have with them for a home birth.
Baby was still too small for my midwife to tell if she’s head down. I had been feeling around my belly the night before and could only make out my baby’s back. It was on the left side, but at my appointment she was belly up. so, she’s still moving around a lot.
I’m starting to feel pregnant. My pelvis was sore last week. I got a muscle in my butt massaged that helped a ton. So, now I’m not so much in pain, just not always coordinated when walking. lol.
9-ish more weeks to go! We are looking for a van and still have to get a carseat. Other than those two big things, we pretty much have everything ready.
Speaking of ready… Here is the baby’s corner of my office. The wall I painted coral and peach. Yes, that “E” is a hint to the baby’s name. But that’s all you get 😉 I’ve started a little diaper stock pile in the bottom of the bassinet. I think I’ll be good on diapers for almost two months.
A close-up of the mobile. It’s not in my belly picture because a certain 3 year old pulled some of the circles off. So, eventually I’m going to get that put back together. It actually wasn’t finished, anyways. Those squares of tape are going to be replaced with something not as visible. 🙂

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