35 Weeks

So much has happened since my last baby update…
Almost two weeks ago I experienced some bleeding. My midwife checked me out and said it was coming from my cervix, so she recommended I go to the hospital where they would have quicker access to an ultrasound machine.

We were in triage forever waiting for a Dr. I had my blood drawn and put on monitors, all that good stuff, in the meantime. I had another exam, and that Dr. agreed that the bleeding was from my cervix. The ultrasound tech came in next. They couldn’t see any evidence of a placental abruption. So, that was good, but they also wanted me to stay for a few days to make sure I didn’t have any more bleeding.

So, for the next four days I stayed at the hospital with intermittent monitoring of the baby and one more ultrasound. It was pretty uneventful and boring. (and I will miss the quiet) The Dr. who was working with me has recommended I have a hospital birth because there is a chance that I will have bleeding during labor and it would be better to already be at the hospital. They can’t confirm or deny I had a placental abruption. It’s very frustrating. But, most cases of abruption can’t be confirmed until after birth and they’ve examined the placenta. I just hate having to be cautious and deliver at the hospital when there may be no reason to. But, I’m more interested in being safe than sorry.

So, as much as I hate it. That is what is happening. I had my last appointment with my midwife yesterday. She gave me some recommendations for nurse-midwives who can deliver at the hospital. One group works at a clinic right across the street from me, so that would be convenient. My midwife also wants me to come back to her for my post-partum check ups so she can see the baby 😀 And, of course I’m doing that.

The student midwife at my appointment made the comment that this was like a break-up and I needed to get a pedicure or something after the appointment. 🙂 It’s so true, though. Being at the end of your pregnancy and having to leave the midwife you really like, and having to give birth in a hospital when you were looking forward to just staying home. It is not a good feeling.

The good news, though, is there hasn’t been any more bleeding and I’m confident my baby will make it to term. In the hospital I had to prepare myself for the possibility of having a c-section. I was even given steroids to help our baby develop if that were to happen.

Pictures from my second ultrasound. I’ve only had a 3D ultrasound with Elena, so when the tech asked if I wanted to see some 3D I was all for it. The detail always amazes me. I can’t wait for her to get here. She can wait about 4 weeks… but I’m so excited.

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