I’m back!

Maternity leave is over as far as my blogging career goes. 😛
I have had so many ideas on what I want to write about. Hopefully that keeps going!

Today is all about quiet boxes! It’s nothing new as far as ideas go. It’s new to me, though. Seriously, in 7 years I should have done this at some point already.

The idea is that you have these boxes of toys/activities that you only let your kids get out at a certain time of the day. For instance, when you want them to be quiet and leave you alone. 😛
I really only ended up doing this, because I wanted to get rid of their massive amounts of clutter.
In their room I left out quiet a few toys; dress-up, baby dolls, trucks… Anything big, that’s easy to put away again.
In smaller tote boxes, I put toy sets with small pieces, or ones that were best used under supervision. Now there are fewer toys they can drag out all at once. (Like they do). Now clean up is not so daunting for them. That’s the real problem with kids not keeping their rooms clean. It’s easy to dump out a bucket of toys. But, when you look at a sea of toys that your mom tells you to get picked up in 10 minutes… it looks impossible. Since they aren’t able to see ahead to the clean up, I’ve made the decision for them of not even being able to get all their toys out at once.

Today is the first day of actually getting these toys out. I wouldn’t say it keeps them quiet, but it does keep them engaged long enough for me to get things done without them telling me in various ways how bored they are.

My plan is to let them play with these “quiet boxes” during Joshua and Esther’s nap time. (Because I’ve somehow managed to get those two to nap at the same time! yeah!) This way, all kids are entertained at once, and I can tackle my chore list (or a blog post, like now).

Time to go back to my “other job”. Esther is awake and hungry. 😀

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