I’m A Crappy Housewife

I saw this meme, today.

While it may feel accurate, it’s not very encouraging.
Yesterday was a “crappy housewife” day. Motivation was way low. The two olders were fighting a lot. The baby wanted to eat a lot.
These days happen, and at the end of the day the house looks like we all just dumped all of our belongings on the floor. Which, is kind of actually what happened. lol
But there are other days. Days when all the chores get done. Days when my girls are best friends the whole day. Days when Esther takes a nap after eating (in her crib!). 
I  find it helpful to set goals for the day. If you don’t have direction and focus it will be hard to see your accomplishments for the day. It will also be harder to actually get anything completed.
Three goals is usually manageable. You will probably have a mile long list of things you want done. However, by prioritizing three that absolutely must be done, you will be more likely to get them completed. Whereas, trying to do bits of everything on your list will just leave you  exhausted with nothing accomplished.
Here is an example of my goals for today:
  • Clean off couch
    • put away cd’s (purge ones we don’t want)
    • put away clothes
  • Laundry
    • one load of towels
    • one load of girls’ clothes
  • Plan meals/grocery list for month
These goals are outside of the chores I do every day. I found a printable that lists out chores by day, week, and month. I’m very list oriented. I like having something to check off.
I also prioritize my chores. The most important ones for me are; dishes, laundry and keeping the toys out of the living room. 
I’m sure if you kept track of all the things you get done during the day, you will find you are a darned good housewife. A housewife/mom encompasses many responsibilities that would normally not be carried out by one person. Get your family members to help you (because they live there too)!

Look for a post next week about setting bigger goals for your life!

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