Happy 4th Birthday, Vera!

You are our sassy girl. Sassy in a good way 🙂
Everyday you find ways to make us laugh and melt our hearts. You are confident enough to be assertive and let people know what you are about. You are also kind and tender-hearted. You get your feelings hurt and you conjure up the most pitiful face I’ve ever seen.
You are always learning; I love when you blurt out a fact or some knowledge that I didn’t have to teach you. You just know by observing and exploring.
You are fearless. Not always a good thing when you’re ready to jump! I know that in the future, this will be a great character trait.
Love you, baby girl.

We had a fun day! A surprise visit at church from some Cali friends back in town for a business trip. We’re excited to spend some time with them. 😀
Our church family always makes an effort to make birthdays special. A happy birthday banner, hello kitty candle and a round of happy birthday for Vera. And, of course, a couple gifts. 🙂

After church we ate lunch at Panera and had Vera’s birthday cake. She picked out a good one. Dark chocolate with a ganache icing. Then, we walked over to Kids Quest. Mom got Vera (and all the kids) a membership. Today was our first time going! There is a fenced off area for 3 and under. Joshua and Esther spent most of the time in there. Jamin took Vera and Elena around the rest of the museum. There was a semi cab in there; the girls would have spent their whole time in there. Jamin got them to explore the water area, though… huge hit.

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