Lake Chelan

This weekend we spent the night at Lake Chelan State Park. It is such a beautiful lake. A few of our friends go every year. You are allowed to book your spot nine months in advance, and that’s pretty much what you have to do, to get in. We didn’t just because I don’t think we had the money at the time.

For the past few months I had been stalking the website to find a spot for us. Openings would come up, but nothing consecutive for any individual site. The Friday that we were planning on leaving, two spots finally opened up. However, someone else beat me to the one for Friday. I did get the one for Saturday, and it was a perfect site.

We drove for almost four hours, not including a couple pit stops. The kids did great! We didn’t bring anything to entertain them with. It was just the scenery; which was either mountains, or apple and pear orchards. Elena did start asking “Are we there yet?” a couple (hundred) times. I finally showed her a map so she could see how far away we were (halfway). Of course, then, she wanted to see the map every 5 minutes. 😛

Once we started getting into the park, there was a downhill drive. From the top you could see all of Lake Chelan, it was so beautiful! Turquoise blue water. We were a little early, but our site was already empty, so we got our tent set up right away. For not having camped in almost nine years, we got the tent figured out very quickly. Esther hung out in her bouncer (highly recommend bringing that, if you have a baby). The other three stayed in our site, for the most part. There was a stairway that led to the road they kept trying to climb up…

Once we got camp set up, we spent the rest of the day at our friends’ campsite.
Joshua kept trying to run off. He always stayed on the path, though, and wasn’t interested in jumping into the lake. Vera was the one who needed watched around the water. She kept trying to climb on the rocks.

As much as I wanted to stay for a week, being there for just a day helped for our planning next year. We figured out pretty quickly what was needed and what wasn’t. Walking around the campsites and seeing everyone’s set up was also great for ideas. Better than Pinterest 😉
Here are some of my ideas already:

  • A camp stove. There is usually a fire ban this time of year, so you can only cook on a propane grill.
  • Better bedding. We brought an air mattress, but didn’t have a way to blow it up. Cots or a thick pad would be nice. We had 2 of the kids’ comforters and another blanket, but it was still uncomfortable.
  • Kitchen tent. We had sunshine this weekend, but it does usually rain at least once.
  • Sand toys. I mean. There’s a beach…
  • Camp chairs. For sitting along the path and staring at the lake 😀
There really isn’t a lot you need for camping. It’s mostly about what level of comfort and convenience you want. My level of convenience is as few trips to the car loading and unloading. lol. We were at the bottom of a long flight of stairs. You get a good workout with all the bathroom trips.

We left Sunday, around 1:00. But not before checking out Watson’s Alpenhorn Cafe. It’s right outside the entrance to the park. All outdoor seating, really friendly people, and delicious food. We all had burgers. Jamin and I had Italian sodas. yum! There’s apparently a creek that goes from the state park to the restaurant. Our friends’ kids walked up the creek and met us there. We found out after we got there, that they have putt-putt golf. We’ll play that when we go next year, for sure!

The trip back home was not as great as the way out. The kids were cranky. Mostly Esther and Joshua. Every time we stopped I fed Esther, but she hated going back into her car seat, and wouldn’t nap unless we were going 60. Unfortunately, since we took highway 2 back home, there was a lot of travel through towns. And there was also one point that was backed up for unknown-to-us reasons. Nothing better than being stuck in traffic with a screaming baby.

It wasn’t all bad… we did take a break at Deception Falls. I took Elena and Joshua down to the falls. Both of them were scared of the rushing water. There was a bridge with a metal grate for flooring. I surprised Jamin when I told him Elena walked across it. There were trails there, that we might go on someday. That day we would have been too exhausted, plus we wanted to get home before dark.


Even though the planning and the trips take a lot of work with our big family. I’m really glad we do it. The kids have a good time and we make good memories. They get to experience things we don’t normally do every day. Oh, and when we pulled into our driveway, Vera angrily protested that she did not want to be home! I hear ya!

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