Putting it in perspective


Two years ago I was seeing a psychologist.
Jamin had gotten laid off from Pepsi and I was pregnant. Two major life events going on at the same time and on opposite ends of the spectrum of emotion. I thought I was doing great. Everything had to keep going on and with a smile on my face. But during one of my appointments with my midwife we discussed how everything was actually not okay.

I bring this up because I think of it every time I write a gratitude post. As “homework” my therapist had me keep a gratitude journal. On it, my entries would be, “I’m thankful for the food bank”, or “I’m thankful I have clothes to wear”, “I’m thankful the sun is out, today”. Some days were a struggle to find one thing to put down. But, it’s a good way to get through the day to day when you’re going through a difficult season. Finding just one sliver of joy to cling on to in the midst of whatever hardship you have to go through.

My gratitude’s for this week:

  • Living within walking distance to the library. We went to a play and learn group there, yesterday. It’s nice to have somewhere to go when the sky is covered in clouds and the playground is not really an option.
  • It didn’t rain until after we got back
  • I have an awesome tan from our time at the lake, and not a sunburn
  • We have the resources to get out of the city every once in a while and enjoy the gorgeous nature that surrounds us
  • Laying at the end of a dock, taking in all the stars without the inhibiting city lights.
  • Elena, making breakfast most days (oatmeal)
  • Elena pretending to be me when we got back from our trip, so she only wanted to do “mom” things. She picked up the living room and unloaded the dishwasher. I was so exhausted, but having that done the next day just made it easier to keep up with a normal routine.