I don’t need you, Perfection

This afternoon I was reading to Elena. We were reading about Peter Rabbit and Jumper. They were going to school learning about their relatives. At the same time, I was trying to nurse Esther.
Esther started getting fussy because of her teething. We were only halfway through the story, so I got irritated that we had to stop.
I took a minute and stopped myself. I stopped myself from letting the irritation turn into anger. Then, went on to get Esther settled.
Elena went off to play with Vera while I took care of Esther. Within a short while, I was able to get back to the lesson with Elena. We contrasted the different types of rabbits we read about. Then, looked up photos of the different rabbits.
It wasn’t the original plan. However, when you have multiple children, sometimes you have to go off plan. In the end, we still got our lesson in.
I’ve been dealing with stress lately. Some of it is trying to get more done than is humanly possible. The other part of it is trying to get things done “perfectly”. I struggle a lot with perfection. This struggle can inhibit my ability to get anything done.
Perfection is also good friends with Comparison. Comparison likes to show up in my social media as well as out in the real world. Better dressers, better parents, better housekeepers… etc.
Even my goals list, I’m afraid, looks more like a copy of someone else’s. I’ll be going back over that soon. Some of my problem with my goals is poor time management. The other part is that I’m trying to accomplish goals that I don’t care about. They are things that I think I need to do so that I keep up with what others are able to do.
Fear can also be paired with perfection. When you don’t get something started because you don’t think it will be perfect, that is the fear of failure. It’s okay to fail. We weren’t born knowing everything. We have to fail a little bit (or a lot) before we can get it right.
I think I’m going to have to write some more on perfectionism. But, another time, otherwise this post is going to get out of control with bunny trails. 😉