Fort Dent

One of our go-to parks is actually not in Seattle. It’s in Renton, which borders south Seattle.

This is where the Sounders practice and train as well as other organizations. There’s 12 soccer fields. Other than the soccer fields, there’s a nice sized playground. I like it because it’s not usually crowded. Especially during the weekday.

There’s a pond right next to it, so you can get some nature viewing in as well.

Discovery Park

One of our goals this year, is to walk/run three times a week. I’m combining that goal with my own goal of visiting more state parks. We are surrounded by forest and mountains, it would be sad if we never got out in nature.

Last Saturday we went to Discovery Park. We took a 1.5 mile trail that led us to the beach. It was an overcast day, so we actually didn’t stay long. The temperature was dropping and the littles were getting cold.

This is the historic area of the park. Fort Lawton.

Puget Sound view

Vera was upset because she had just fallen down. 😦

West Point Lighthouse


Elena, busy marking the trail so we can find our way back.
Hopefully the rain will let up so we can go out again.