Making bread

On a whim, I decided instead of buying sandwich bread this week I would make it. Bread has always been a challenge for me. I’ve narrowed it down to just not kneading the dough long enough.
Here’s the recipe we used: Classic Sandwich Bread
Measuring the flour
Look! It’s bread. It was a little too soft for what I’m used to, but it still tastes super good. If I could just figure out how to make a sourdough starter… That is what I really want to make.

Crazy, fun times

So, before I write another meal plan post… I’ll write something a little more personal. You know, the whole reason for blogging. 😛

Now that Jamin is employed again I am adjusting to taking care of three children by myself. : 0
Things have been pretty good. The girls mostly play well together. Elena really likes her school work. She’s starting to realize that the letters written in books actually have meaning. She loves to retell stories and it won’t be long before she will be reading the words that are on the pages.
Joshua is still napping a lot. It’s really nice when Joshua and Vera nap at the same time. I can get a lot done during those times.

There isn’t a lot of down time though. Even when Jamin gets home, because then it’s about time to start dinner. So I’m pretty wiped out by the end of the day.

Elena’s favorite thing is pretend play. She makes up all sorts of characters with back stories. Right now an ongoing character is “Squeak Pig”, her daughter. lol.
We’ve been working on phonics. It’s amazing to me that Elena can remember the different sounds.
We do a lot of reading. Picture books, readers, and chapter books. One of her favorites right now is, “Green Eggs and Ham”.
In math we’ve been skip-counting by 2’s and 10’s. Adding single digit numbers and 10’s. She likes to take the creative approach to writing her numbers. Today, for example, she put curly-q’s on all the numbers. She is very similar to her momma 🙂

Vera is starting to talk in full sentences. We’ve been working on potty training with her. She is very good about running to the potty unless she has pants on. sigh. So, I just have to remind her all the time. Elena has been an influence on Vera in imaginative play. Vera is now acting out stories with her toys. Since Elena and Vera are pretty dramatic, their toys are also dramatic. Their dolls have many harrowing experiences mixed in with getting ready for school.
Vera is very much “I do it myself”. She likes to dress herself. And she picks out her clothes most days. She is very particular. “Not that one! That one.” I’m so glad she is specific, I have no problems figuring out what she wants…

Joshua is learning lots of new skills. His favorite, I think, is blowing raspberries. I’ve been encouraging him to roll over. So, now he seems to be doing crunches trying to figure out how to get onto his side. He loves to stare at his hands. Sometimes he just can’t figure out how to get it close to his mouth. I tell him he’s trying too hard, but you know kids… they have to learn things the hard way.
He drools a lot. I don’t remember so much drool with Vera or Elena. It must be a boy thing. 😉
He really loves Elena. Elena talks to him and takes care of him. He really responds to her. He’ll start talking back and laughing. I love it!

That’s all I have for now. I’m really going to try to make more posts.

Independence Day

We kept things simple this year and bought some sparklers for the girls to light. Really, just Elena got to play with the sparklers. Vera didn’t mind, she was too busy picking flowers 🙂

Big Day of Fun

After church we stopped at this festival. There were lots of kids activities and vendors. The girls didn’t want to leave.