Beach Naturalist Program

I wanted to share about a volunteer program my oldest and I are participating in this year. It is through the Seattle Aquarium. The Beach Naturalist Program is an educational experience for the volunteers and the public. We spend a few nights the first few months attending presentations and beach training. Starting in June, we will be out on the beach finding opportunities to engage in conversation with beach goers. The goal is to educate others about beach etiquette and to get them interested in the ecosystems that are being restored in our area.

Not only is this a fun volunteer opportunity, it’s also a way to get your science in. The training nights are presentations put on by experts in different areas of biology and ecology. My daughter and I have both gotten a lot out of this experience.

Visit the Seattle Aquarium webpage to find out how you can be involved in this program, or to meet some volunteers and ask questions about what you can find on the beach.


Book It!

A while back I registered for this program that Pizza Hut does, “Book It!” Each month that your student reaches their reading goals you can give them a coupon for a free personal pan pizza.
I just got our coupons and material yesterday! I had forgotten all about it, so I was pretty excited to see it in the mail box. 😀

Included is; six coupons, and instructions on how to receive two free kindle books. There is also a link for certain kindle books you can purchase for 50% off (up to ten).

You can pick any reading goal you like for each student. For Elena I’ve set it at 8 books each month. On your first visit to Pizza Hut you will receive a “Passport to Reading”. If you collect all six stickers you will be entered into a drawing for a 100-book library and a Kindle Voyage e-reader.

Registration is still open, so if you are a teacher go here. The program starts October 1st!

This girl, is ready for some reading!

Foxes Having A Picnic | A Short Story

Foxes Having A Picnic 

by Elena Howell 

        Once upon a time, there was a fox in the hidden woods named Axie. Axie had a lot of fox friends. There was also a cloud. The cloud did not like the foxes to leave their home. Every time they left their beds and home, the cloud would make a storm. 

One day the foxes planned a picnic. They went outside with the picnic basket and blanket. The cloud saw them and stopped making the storm come. She wanted to be nice to them. They ate their food. After their picnic it was getting dark. So they went home and went to their beds. 

The End

Magazine Drawing Prompt

If you love to find art ideas for kids, I highly suggest following The Artful Parent. She has great ideas and most of them you can easily do with supplies you already have!

Here is the link to the project we are doing today: Magazine Pictures as Drawing Prompts


Some of the prompts I put together
I love watching her create


Sea Turtle swimming to an island
Princesses having a birthday party 🙂