What We’re Learning

I’ve just started a preschool curriculum with Elena. It is 28 weeks long which means we may not finish it because of a certain new baby.
Last week we worked on the letter “X” and the theme was “X marks the spot”. There was a lot of treasure hunting.
Today we started our new week. The theme for the week is “G  is for Garden”. We are learning the letter “G” and all about creation.

Here is what we did today:

Books we read:
The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle
We read Genesis 1:1-8

We have some flower seeds that we split between a glass of water and a wet paper towel. We’ll be doing more with those in the following days.

Elena is making a booklet on the story of creation. Today we read about the first two days. Separation of light from darkness and the separation of the waters.

Lastly we added photos of things that start with “G” to Elena’s alphabet book.