Esther turns 1!

I can’t believe our baby girl is one year old! Last year feels like a day ago.


“It has really been an amazing year,
And all the richer because you are here.
Your sweet little coos are now baby talk,
And your wobbly legs are learning to walk.
Your little mouth now holds a toothy grin,
And each time you smile, another heart you win.
So we’re celebrating your special day.
This birthday is first of many more on the way!”


Kindness starts with us

The other day I was at Barnes and Noble with all the kids. Jamin had a dentist appointment downtown and I needed to drive him back home.
During his appointment (four hours) we entertained ourselves in the children’s section of the store.
Vera and Elena arranged quite a few stuffed animals onto a stage the store has for storytime. Their imagination took off from there. Esther and I followed Joshua around the store. His original plan was a train table that’s usually there. Sadly, it was missing with no explanation. (Rude :p)
Another mom was there with her son. Our kids played together the whole time, making up stories on the stage for their mom audience.
When this other mom was leaving she told me how great I looked. How she is so exhausted with just one child. She also said how nice my kids were… It was just really nice.
I was feeling stressed out from keeping track of all the kids by myself. Once I got those words of encouragement I was lifted up. It changed my exasperation to patience and kindness. I was able to make it back to the car without feeling like I was trying to escape.
Of course, it gives me a good feeling to be complimented. But more importantly, it fills me up to be able to be more loving towards others. It takes away the negativity I may be feeling at the moment.
I hope this insight encourages you to compliment a stranger. Whether they seem like they need it or not. You could make their day better. More importantly, it gives them kindness to pass on.

Esther; Months 4&5

Baby Esther is now 5 months old! 😥 She has changed the most in these past few months. She’s getting more personality and becoming aware of a bigger world.
In the last couple months, Esther has;

  • Rolled over, from tummy to back and back to tummy
  • Brings her hands together to put either her hands in her mouth, or something she’s holding
  • Laughs when I tickle her sides
  • Ate her first foods: peas and apple
  • Sits up while I’m supporting her
  • Responds to hearing her name
  • First camping trip!

I’m going to say this every month, “they grow up so fast!”. It’s crazy to watch babies go from newborn to aware infant. She has so many different facial expressions already. She’s got the pouty lip down. Whenever there’s a loud noise or a stranger she’s not sure of, she sticks out her little lip.
I love watching her study things. Her hands, toys, people, the dog.
I want her to stay little. At the same time, though, I can’t wait for all the other milestones. Next up, crawling.


Lake Chelan

This weekend we spent the night at Lake Chelan State Park. It is such a beautiful lake. A few of our friends go every year. You are allowed to book your spot nine months in advance, and that’s pretty much what you have to do, to get in. We didn’t just because I don’t think we had the money at the time.

For the past few months I had been stalking the website to find a spot for us. Openings would come up, but nothing consecutive for any individual site. The Friday that we were planning on leaving, two spots finally opened up. However, someone else beat me to the one for Friday. I did get the one for Saturday, and it was a perfect site.

We drove for almost four hours, not including a couple pit stops. The kids did great! We didn’t bring anything to entertain them with. It was just the scenery; which was either mountains, or apple and pear orchards. Elena did start asking “Are we there yet?” a couple (hundred) times. I finally showed her a map so she could see how far away we were (halfway). Of course, then, she wanted to see the map every 5 minutes. 😛

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